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    Basic Laundry Folding Table

    When my mom and I decided to renovate her back porch literally from top to bottom, we wanted to make it as functional as possible. We added a bench with storage when you come in the back door, a massive shelving unit to store canned goods and other miscellaneous home items, a wardrobe type area to store work clothes for her and my dad (post coming soon!), and lastly, a laundry folding table next to the washer and dryer to make that mundane task a little easier. My mom browsed Pinterest and found examples of what she liked, but ultimately, like most things, we came up with the design on…

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    DIY Limewashed Fireplace

    Painting or limewashing brick is a bit controversial, but sometimes I feel like it’s the best option given the circumstances. I’ve heard people say that painting brick will be the equivalent of putting carpet over hardwoods like our grandparents did in the 70s. Obviously since I’m writing this post, I think it’s fine if it’s done right. Maybe you’ll agree with me after reading through! This all honestly began because the wall above the fireplace began to crack a few years after we moved in and I realized that the mantel was likely too large and not attached appropriately to the wall. The mantel had begun to pull off the…

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    Super Easy DIY House Number Sign

    We’ve lived in our house for close to 5 years now and we’ve never had our house number actually on the house. Our mailbox has the address, but I feel like it’s a little hard to see and I’ve always wanted numbers on the house too just to make it easier for friends and family to find us when they come to visit. A few months ago I decided to challenge myself to make a sign with just things I already had on hand, except for the actual numbers of course. Here’s how it went! I thought I had pics of the process but it seems I really only took…