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    Built In Wardrobe with Storage

    My mom and I took on the largest DIY project either of us had ever done by deciding to completely renovate her back porch/laundry room from top to bottom. I have several other posts about what all we did if you missed those (LVP install, built in bench, shelving unit, and laundry folding table), but this is the final one! My parents both work outside the home and have uniforms for their jobs. Their work clothes have almost always lived on the back porch in old wardrobes that we sold when we started the porch renovation. They were old and we knew they weren’t going to fit into the new…

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    Built In Shelving

    In February 2021, my mom and I decided to completely renovate her back porch. It was a huge undertaking and is therefore a multipart series. This is part 3 of 5. ?¬†You can find part one about how we leveled the floor here and part two about how we built a bench with shoe storage here. Once I built the bench, I felt more confident to tackle the largest project in the space which was a massive shelving unit. My mom wanted to use it as a pantry since her kitchen doesn’t have one, along with extra storage for tools, paint, cat food, and other miscellaneous home items that didn’t…

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    DIY Built In Bench with Storage

    In February 2021, my mom and I decided to renovate her back porch. We began by throwing away a lot of junk, decluttering, and cleaning. We removed everything from the space that we could and shuffled around the rest to redo the floor. I have a separate post here where you can read all about that process. Once the new flooring was installed and we (mostly she) got the front half of the porch painted, we started brainstorming what kind of built ins she wanted for the space to make it more functional.                                   …